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While Workers' Compensation laws give rights to benefits, employers and Workers' Compensation insurance companies are interested in preventing you from collecting workers' compensation benefits that you are entitled to receive.


Like all of us, employers try to get Workers' Compensation insurance companies for the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies make money by collecting as much as they can in insurance premiums and paying as little as possible in claims.


If a Workers' Compensation claim is made, it is very certain that your employer's insurance premium will rise. For these reasons, your employer and insurance companies have conflicting interests with yours. They will try to discourage you from filing or opening a claim and can deny it.             


For this reason, if your claim is denied, or if you do not receive all the benefits to which you are entitled under California Workers' Compensation laws, you must retain the services of a lawyer with experience in worker's compensation appeals.


In Orange County (Santa Ana, California), the firm of Arturo L. Nieto, Inc. has recovered more than $ 400 million in benefits for thousands of injured workers. Our Workers' Compensation lawyer, Arturo Nieto, has over 40 years of experience guiding workers injured by the Workers' Compensation system, including the appeals process, to ensure you receive all the benefits offered under California compensation laws to the injured worker.

We have sufficient experience in handling Workers' Compensation appeals to whom benefits have been denied under the California workers' compensation laws, including the following benefits:


  • Medical treatment

  • Benefits of temporary disability

  • Benefits of permanent disability

  • Benefits of job displacement

  • Death benefits


We recommend that you contact a lawyer with experience in Workers' Compensation to make sure you have someone to look after your interests and not their own.

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