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Over the course of more than 40 years of experience, our lawyer has seen almost every imaginable type of injury, including physical injuries, psychological injuries, soft tissue injuries, and death.


Our firm, Arturo L. Nieto, Inc., has recovered more than $ 400 million in benefits for thousands of workers like you. Workers' Compensation lawyer Arturo Nieto has earned a reputation as one of the best Workers' Compensation lawyers.


If you have a work-related injury or have lost a family member due to an accident at work, you should consult an experienced Workers' Compensation lawyer to ensure you receive all the benefits of the California Workers' Compensation laws. 


We have experience and background to help you, including experience with a wide range of Workers' Compensation injuries. Do not entrust your future to a lawyer with less experience; we can provide you with the information and advice you need today.

There are different types of work-related injuries and illnesses or medical conditions that qualify for Workers' Compensation benefits. Some of the most common include:


  • Spine

  • Hernias

  • Low back

  • Herniated disc or disc rupture

  • Psychological for example abuse

  • Back pain

  • Shoulders

  • Due to chemical or working conditions

  • Rotator shoulder cuff

  • Car accidents at work

  • Internal Injuries

  • Falls

  • High blood pressure

  • Machine accidents

  • Heart attacks

  • Industrial accidents

  • Repeated Stress

  • Punch Press Accidents

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Due to loading and lifting

  • Knees

  • Assembly lines

  • Amputation or severe limbs

  • Death

  • Crushed limbs like hands, feet, fingers or toes

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